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Russia has succeeded in winning the precious right to host the World Cup in 2018 by the soccer\’s governing body FIFA. The whole coutry is preparing to show the world a totally new Russia – a country of peace and friendship. Football Union Director-General Aleksey Sorokin stated: “It was our intention to show that Russia is not different from any other country, to show that we do share the same problems, the same issues, that it is not something strange, something hostile, something weird.”


In fact, football is one of the sports that attract a large number of fans in Russia, but with the events shown up recently, a worry of racism and hooliganism in which 2018 World Cup should really be taken into consideration.


After a match, fans, often fueled by alcohol, frequently clash with rival and the police. The pictures showed a clash at March 2009 match between Zenit Saint Petersburg and Spartak Moscow.


Like their European counterparts, Russian soccer fans cheer their sides with an enthusiasm but that enthusiasm tend to be more aggressive. In many matchs, people can witness the flares set off by fans.


A Spartak Moscow fan, Sviridov was killed in a fighting with a group of young men from the North Caucasus. His murder inspired thousand of the team\’s supporters to take to the streets for a rally again.


The rally in honor of Sviridov with approximately 1,000 protesters, many of whom showed up Nazi salute, gathered at Kremlin Palace, and shouted slogans “Russia for Russians.”


The armed intervention of police did not improve the situation any better, but added more violence to the rally.


After the clashes, more than 60 people were arrested.


The wave of protesters over Svidorov\’s murder quickly spread through over Moscow, with a wave of beating and stabbing of people from the Caucasus or Central Asia around the city.



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2010 FIFA World Cup was launched this week about to begin, a focus on the World Cup started, “Trade War” is also gaining momentum. Log Taobao reporter yesterday found that the current World Cup-related products have been up to nearly 16 million, covers the jersey, game ball, air max 2009, commemorative slippers, the participating countries flags, cups, dolls and other players. Industry forecast, the next period of January during the World Cup, sports net new round of share sales will peak.

“Ten classic jerseys” online selling

A cleverly designed, well-made shirt, players will have even more brilliant. Fans tend to buy their favorite team jersey, and even printed on the jersey number of favorite players, to support their favorite teams and players. According to the data cube shows Taobao, the World Cup 32 teams jerseys in Spain to 4446 the monthly sales ranked first, Torres No. 9 jersey worn by selling 544. Argentina followed in 4354. Germany, Italy, Brazil, England, France, Netherlands, Portugal and South Africa, the organizers of the World Cup team jersey sales are better.

In the forum, many avid fans also lists the “Top Ten Classic World Cup jersey.” Germany in 1990, air max 24-7 including red, yellow, three-color chest stripes of black, light-colored chest of 1994 lines in Brazil, Croatia, 1998, the red and white squares group, the Lions of Cameroon in 2002 Zhaohen …… reporter found that in all kinds of jerseys , many of the more distant era of the classic million has been sold on price.

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Poboots reporters found that many world-renowned sports brand is also carried out at the World Cup contest with some secretly, have launched proprietary products. It is understood that there are nine World Cup teams and equipment provided by Nike, Adidas’s in a total of 12 teams.

Double star plus brand-name appeal, so a lot of fans whom echocardiography. Reporters on the line to see a Adidas F50 Adizero the sales of the seller “nonow” told reporters: “This pair of boots is Adidas player Lionel Messi of Argentina tailored, Weighing only 180 grams, is the world’s lightest football shoe. last week I have sold six pairs. “Sellers said, and compared to ordinary sports shoes, football shoes, narrow consumer groups, many of the fans to buy a pair of boots just for the collection, such sales have been very satisfactory.

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Reporters in Shanghai found that Taobao table football last month amounted to 2,500 transactions, table football is a new entertainment products, originated in Europe and America.

By asking a number of online shop, the reporter found, in fact, air max LTD table football online shopping really big buyers, it is the size of many bars. A bar owner told reporters in Shanghai during the World Cup, put 2 sets the bar table football can attract a lot of fans, it would be a major feature of our bar.

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