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World Cup, soon,

States United States

For joint separate ways home appliances


Interpretation of household appliances Cup, the country representative of the United States 32 major brands of 32 teams, so Gome


Become a “household appliances World Cup,” the main battlefield.


, Home video,

Air conditioning

, White,




, Digital,


Fang Qi eight teams battle coincided with the “Red State America in May of ice passion wash

Air Conditioning

Festival “, Gome stores in Nanjing eight new boutique will be fired to hit the main, by means of special none other appliance fierce battle.

TV venue to stage a

Liquid crystal

Scramble competition. “Avant garde”


Sent 33 Series 26-inch


Play, less than 8,000 yuan.


Sent 88 Series LCD TV star, a 37-inch LCD is only 13,999 yuan, and the other gifts worth 3,980 yuan Chang 5.1

Home Theater




A 42-inch LCD record straight down 5,000 yuan, 17,999 yuan is sprint. Changhong 46-inch LCD, Xiamen Overseas Chinese,


47-inch LCD brands sit tight in the defense to challenge 20,000 yuan mark. Most of the attention is


Ace-hyun dance B68 dynamic LCD TV 47-inch playing only 25,999 yuan.

Air conditioning wall and Guiji concern of consumers is, household appliances during the World Cup, the highest single GOME Guiji sharing profit of 2,000 yuan. Beauty,


, Hisense, Panasonic, chi higher strike out, well-being of the United States of 1P


Wall magic price point of 1,590 yuan, a new division to 1,999 yuan DC conversion hang appearance; Samsung 72LW Pierre Guiji comes with a Samsung 1.5P hang. Variety of well-known brand 1.5P well-being of health within the wall is more to the price of 2,000 yuan qualifying race team, 2P health Guiji Changhong, Hisense,


, Chunlan, beautiful, warm and cold Chi 2P high health Guiji are this year’s star war will.

White cut more smoothly, the main push a U.S. vassal state Meiling 218 liters refrigerator and Little Swan (silver) 183L liter, respectively, 2398 yuan and 1598 yuan promotion of 32 team tournament.

Washing machine



4.5kg washing machine drum and


6kg-free washing powder

Washing Machine

Also all the promotion group stage, 51 Nanjing, China won a best-selling U.S. Haier 6kg (Silver) Washing Machine drying is stopped can win again, people expect. Cup team are in competition for Samsung 520 l of the open refrigerator and large


549 l of the large refrigerator door would be the biggest week Aspect. According to reports, ice wash area will be five on the final part of the vendor discount for the bottom line.

Early members of the establishment of the United States for the country’s “May Sophora Award” winners list has been announced, Nanjing, create a lottery prize, two third prizes, top prize is worth 5,000 yuan of digital products. May 22 to 31 (excluding weekends) consumer shopping (over the Rainbow Card members) can join the “touch points is to buy electricity at home” activities, that ID card arrived within the integral directly in cash, enjoy the “privilege.”

The country the United States will own the World Cup commemorative limited edition, one that ID card in June during the World Cup in Nanjing GOME stores to shopping on the basis of the original 20 yuan straight down to enjoy concessions, sending their


Cans. May 20,21,27,28 at 10 am, eight football baby will visit the States United States Xinjiekou stores (137 Hongwu Road, Baixia) World Cup souvenir card issued.

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The upcoming World Cup every four years in Germany early next month, sky, 32 finalist teams are already in full preparation, the world will usher in a sports fans feast. However, the influence of the World Cup has already gone beyond the scope of sports, the world economy had a tremendous impact, according to expert estimates, the global business opportunities the World Cup effect brings up hundreds of billions of dollars, which is

Coca-Cola , Budweiser, Samsung , Philips Sponsored by such international giants have huge real reason the World Cup.

As a large consumer goods, all kinds of household appliances
Sell Have obvious seasonal, such as the annual spring
Home improvement Electric Strong Sales; summer
Air conditioning Consecutive blowout; autumn TV Explosive growth; winter Washing machine , Warm a small surge in demand for household appliances. However, apart from seasonal factors, artificial appliances used for creating more consumer hotspots, such as the two year

Golden Week All holiday products, such as the annual school at the 3C products, such as the World Cup’s TV audio.

Addition to a very small part of the lucky ones to watch in person at the scene, China is still hundreds of millions of fans will continue to support their favorite in front of the TV team, “enjoy a sumptuous visual feast of the World Cup” to be their most good choice in addition to advanced

TV Technology and high-definition Source Addition, a high-definition big screen TV of course, indispensable.
In accordance with the practice in previous years, all 51 categories will sell well for some time in the fall, then will start the air conditioner market overall, while the TV is relatively cold in May-June, but the World Cup is every four years to changing the “practices.” According to

Suning Electric TV Division responsible person, during the TV has been in the 51 most-played category sales, particularly in high-end large-screen flat-panel TV growth has made many times, the terminal feedback showed the highest percentage of fans to buy, even more than the purchase of factors Wedding .

The person in charge of, 51 trips during the many families choose not to buy color TV sets, while the World Cup countdown has also been touched many fans, shopping nervous, so from May to June, after 51 times between the implied the color TV market capacity even more than the 51, do this, Suning has TV World Cup across the country as the focus of the next phase, the maximum “Nuggets” World Cup.

Learned that Suning has spent 1.3 billion yuan for the best-selling color TVs for big purchases. Taking into account the individual needs of the ballpark, Suning for the fans of “visual feast” launched the “World TV” concept, for example,

Skyworth A and Mobile Hard disk One can record
LCD TV Screen response time of 4 ms, the screen appears within the sphere moving “off tail” phenomenon will be eliminated

Hisense “Fantasy” series of LCD products, known as the “World Cup of the best equipment”

TCL B68 Series LCD TV with high definition multimedia interface 32/40R7 Series Samsung LCD TV. In addition, purchasing a number of Suning small size of mobile TV, can not eliminate some of the fans at home watching the depressed.

TV business head also, as early as the 2004 European Cup Suning to launch large-scale marketing activities of sport, has accumulated rich experience in this World Cup will be in gifts, site layout, activities, prices and other aspects innovation, and to participate in the World Cup fans to create a theme park and arena points, ahead of World Cup experience the joy of passion.

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