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2011 Taiwan Youth Cup Has Ended Successfully

March 28 has witnessed the successful ending of the youth cup in Taiwan. This event lasted from March 26 to 28th. Many young players have performed very well despite the bad weather.

The first run was held when the temperature was just around 10 centigrade. Due to the bad weather, the players didn’t achieve satisfying results, with only 75 breaks by player Yang hao, leading the competition.

The second run didn’t meet better weather. Not only the temperature dropped violently but also the wind blew strongly. The place of the range didn’t help to reduce the bad effect of the weather, which adds great difficulty for the players, most of whose age ran from 10 to 18. It’s not easy to kick the ball under such circumstances. Even the parents showed expression of anxiety.

But the young players were not defeated by the bad weather. All of them attended and finished the game. The event was carried on as scheduled. Champions of each group have come out.

The president of Taipei golf associations has highly praised the courage of the players. He thinks it’s a good way to show the players how tough the game it. In this way the strength of them has been annealed.

President Wujianheng also said he had seen prospect in the players. It’s reported that Taiwan has done a great deal to improve the golf skill among young players. Basic training is offered and monthly competition has organized to enhance their skills. Also many opportunities have been provided to the young to rub elbows with the top players in the world. In fact, Taiwan golf players have been guided to attend many grant events.

Till the year 2011, wu has led more than 30 young players to attend competitions in the mainland. They have achieved considerable honors. In the coming April, 8 selected young players are going to perform in Nanjing. The organizers hope in this way the sense of teamwork and sense of honor will be cultivated in their minds.

It’s quite true that golf has prospered both in Taiwan and the mainland of China. We do hope this tendency will continue.

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