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Asia Cup 2012 held in Bangladesh is the 11th edition of the tournament. China was very much interested to host the Asia Cup at Guangzhou, but the Asian Cricket Council decided that Bangladesh will host the event, which is the third time for them, where they have hosted earlier in 1988 and 2000. This event is currently being played from 11th March to 22nd March 2012, which was rescheduled from 1st March 2012. It has been rescheduled for avoiding the conflict with the ODI tri-series in Australia that also included Sri Lanka and India, which ended-up on March 8. This tournament features the four Test-playing nations from Asia including, India, Pakistan, Sri Lanka and Bangladesh. India is the defending 2010 Asia Cup Champion.

The points system of the Asia Cup 2012 is as follows;

Win – 4 points
Loss – No Points
Tie/No result: 2 points
Bonus point: If a team wins, with a run rate ≥ 1.25 times that of the opposing team, the winning team gets 1 bonus point.

Rules for the team to qualify for the final, if there is any tie in points between two or more teams,

The team having the higher number of wins
If a tie in number of wins between two or more teams, the team with more wins against the other teams who have equal number of points and wins
If still equal, the team with the higher number of bonus points
If still equal, the team with the greater net run rate

Tendulkar becomes the first batsman to score the 100th international century, getting to the milestone against Bangladesh at the Shere Bangla stadium in Mirpur at around 5:05pm local time on March 16, 2012. It ended up to a year-long wait in the cricket history, and this was his first ODI hundred against the Bangladesh team, completing his set of centuries against every Full Member country in both Tests and ODIs. The 100th century was made in the 44th over with a nudge behind square leg, one of his lucky strokes to reach a century. Despite the huge amount of hype surrounding the landmark, there was no extraordinary celebration. Asia Cup 2012 was a great win for India with the Tendulkar-Raina partnership for the third wicket yielding 86 runs in a 10.5 overs and Mahendra Singh Dhoni blasting a couple boundaries to take India past 280.


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There is a tradition which I participate in every day. A practice that has been passed on throughout the generations. It truly is an important part of my daily life and I would not endeavor to live without it. It is my loyal friend and ever present confidant. It is my coffee.

When life gets tough and things are deteriorating, coffee has a way of bringing understanding and tranquility to the situation. Simply the routine of boiling and pouring the water, preparing and stirring the coffee, and gently inhaling its wonderful fragrance has a way of bringing equilibrium to my life. It is almost just as if I am drinking my anxieties away with every single superb taste.

In our hectic lives all of us should take some time out to unwind and reflect, even if only for a few moments. Coffee provides me this opportunity. I treasure these coffee moments. I seek them out and enjoy them.. My day would not be complete without them. They are a source of energy and comfort within this world of output deadlines and goals.

There is certainly something calming about holding a warm cup in my hand. My thoughts become sharper and far more concentrated. I really feel centred and relaxed. My mood improves and all is as it should be.

Coffee breaks also allow for many exciting talks, chats and inventive moments. Many a great choice has been made over a cup of hot coffee. Numerous devastating situations have been avoided on account of these coffee breaks. Without them we would merely race onward without ever resting to take in the scenery.

My advice for you would be to slow down, have a break, and smell the coffee. Absolutely nothing beats the aroma of newly percolated coffee. Everybody has their own preferences, but my most popular coffee is made by the Hawaiian Gold Coffee Company. They generate some of the finest coffee beans from their plantations on Kona Island.

If you really like coffee then you need to attempt Kona Coffee. As opposed to depending on computerized equipment, Hawaiian Kona Coffee relies on the skills and practical experience of their roastmaster. Their coffees have distinctive characteristics and I enjoy their refined flavour variations.

The best part of it all is the fact that I just have to visit on the internet, place my order, and have it sent to my house where I get to take pleasure in their superior high mountain estate harvested coffees. I do not have to run around town trying to find a superb quality mug of coffee. I can unwind and take pleasure in this amazing Hawaiian Coffee in the comfort of my home or workplace.

Should you be desperate to get a coffee break, try this Hawaiian Coffee. You deserve the best and nothing is better than Kona Coffee.

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Today, I will introduce some information of the LED flashlights body and light cup for you.

First, let’s see theLed Flashlight body. As we know, most of the high-grade flashlight has the aluminum alloy shell and the difference is the surface treatment.If the flashlight has no special purpose is generally common oxidation treatment with black or grey mainly. Some flashlights are required to have wear surface and not fade,so they must adopt three stage oxidation treatment. After that ,the body won’t appear traces even you use the knife .Of course ,it has a high price.
Then ,it’s the turn of the light cup .The cup can control the light. The bigger of the cup ,the further of the focus and it can show clear and smaller spot in the distance with the sufficient current .The cup depth and reflex arc and so on also effect the spot focus .
The good flashlight has a very small spot.In this way, it can still has obvious spot in far distance.The spot is mainly decided by the size of light cup.So we must understand the relationship between light cup and spot in order to choose the flashlight body which we need.That’s to say,if we want to easy to carry ,search the small objects in the cabinet or just general lighting ,we can choose the small straight tube which has the advantage of compact and disadvantage of spotlight long-range.The small head flashlight’s cup is bigger than straight tube and smaller than big headlight.It care about both the focusing ability and floodlight ability .It is also easy to carry ,and we can carry it on our waists.The big head flashlight’s advantage is spotlight.It cost most expensive because of the made of light cup.It is too big too carry ,so we generally take then out only when we need.

Now,we often talk about what is HA3 II which is not to express the hardness of the bobbin.We often make mistake about that the cup will be very hard and anti fall if it has the HA3 coating.The coating is very abrasion resistance but not anti fall.For example ,the same material flashlight body which will be more easy to paint without HA3 coating instead of make the aluminium alloy hard.If the aluminium alloy was fallen down ,the aluminium structure will be loose but the coating will still on the body . Of course ,if the aluminium structure was broken too serious ,you are sure to see the aluminium color from the fracture coating.Such as you plating something with the dough, the coating will not broken if you use tool to scraper the dough .But if you throw the dough on the ground and make the dough scattered ,the LED flashlights coating is useless.

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