While K-Cups are sealed in such a way that makes them shelf stable and non-perishable for quite a long time, most K-Cups come with a “best if used by” date. This article will help you understand how to get the best flavor out of your Keurig K-Cups by storing them well and following freshness suggestions. 

How Keurig K-Cups are Sealed

Each K-Cup is flushed with nitrogen and then sealed in an air-tight, moisture-tight cup. You are familiar with the foil lid you see on the top of your K-Cups. This lid is adhered to the top of the cartridge as soon as it is filled with fresh coffee or tea grounds, and the K-Cup remains air-tight and moisture-free until the needle of your Keurig brewer punctures the foil.  

The Shelf Stability of a K-Cup

Keurig K-Cups remain shelf stable almost indefinitely. The contents will not be exposed to air or moisture, so they won’t be susceptible to the conditions necessary for the coffee to spoil. Not until you put the K-Cup into your Keurig brewer will the coffee be exposed to moist conditions, so there’s no chance that mold or mildew can grow in your coffee. You may wonder, then, why each K-Cup comes with a “best if used by date.” 

Best If Used By Suggestions

When the company roasting the coffee for the K-Cups manufactures the coffee grounds, they establish a window of time in which the coffee will be the freshest. When coffee is fresh, the flavor will be bolder, more robust and have a fresher “bite” to it. The date you see printed on the box or imprinted onto the Keurig K-Cup is the last day that the brewer can recommend the coffee as being its freshest. While the coffee won’t necessarily be spoiled at this date, it may begin to lose some of its original flavor or become stale.  

It’s best to purchase coffee as you use it, and keep a fresh stock on hand. While the manufacturer’s suggestions may not be the literal end of a K-Cup’s usefulness, it is generally best to follow their suggestions.

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