You have to consider the cost of the cup dispenser if you are going to buy one for your office or company. After the awareness of using organic substances many workplaces advise the employees to use only reusable mugs instead of glass cups. Disposable paper cups are ideal since it does not cause any pollution to the atmosphere and can be even recycled.

Before purchasing a dispenser unit for your office you must consider the type of dispenser you are looking for. If you wish to use stainless steel cup then you must pay more dollars for buying the dispenser also. In case you will be using plastic or paper cups then select the dispenser which can hold such types of cups. Remember metal cups can last longer even though you pay more for buying it. The type of dispenser used in a restaurant is different from the dispenser device you may need for the bathroom of the employees.

A stainless steel cup is believed to most hygienic surface since it is easy to maintain and clean them. You will not have any chance to replace them since it runs for decades without any wear and tear. A good quality cup dispenser for dispensing stainless steel cups costs around $ 25 to $ 40 if you buy it on wholesale market. You can go for Dixie or Marko if you are looking out for one.

Plastic cups are stronger than paper cups and can be used on any occasion. You can clean it using mild cleaning liquid or damp cloth. The cost of plastic dispenser ranges from $ 9 to $ 13 and you have the added benefit since it is unbreakable. A revolving cup dispenser attractively used in a restaurant may cost around $ 40 to $ 60. You can always use paper cups instead of plastic since it is eco friendly and can be easily disposed. You have separate cups for serving hot and cold drinks.

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