To prepare for World Cup 2010, Coach Raymond Domenech and the France football team gathered in Tignes. Tignes is considered as the heart of the Alps at an altitude of over 2000 meters above the sea level. It is Tignes where France team used to train hard before winning the world championship in 1998 under Coach Aime Jacquet. In 2006, Coach Domenech also took his students to Tignes for their traditional training before the World Cup in Germany. They left for Tignes on May 18, 2010 but until the next day they began training. Besides specialized exercises on the field, they must undergo many exercise programs such as hiking, cycling, shooting and so on. Have a look to the following pictures:


This training is particularly important when several matches will take place in Johannesburg at an altitude of 1800 meters.


First training on Thursday, May 20th


Shooting practice


They are like real explorers in the snowy mountain.


Cold weather caused trouble in breathing, but this is the same weather conditions in several locations in South Africa.


William Gallas is jogging and has his own training session due to his injures.


Bike session around the lake in group of 2 players was on Saturday May 22nd.


Besides snowy mountains, Tignes has many rivers, lakes and peaceful sceneries.


In the upcoming World Cup, France is in the same group with Uruguay, Mexico và the host South Africa.



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