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Poliomyelitis, Elephantiasis, Foodborne, and Leprosy are some among the scariest diseases in the world these days. These diseases have taken away the life of many people worldwide. Let’s remember the names given above in order to prevent you from them and have a good health.

Poliomyelitis or polio is an acute viral infection disease caused by infection with a member of the genus Enterovirus known as poliovirus. The disease can spread from person to person, primarily via the oral-oral and fecal-oral routes. Polio epidemics have crippled thousands of people, mostly children. It also caused paralysis and death for plenty of people in human history. This dangerous disease is now spreading some countries including India, Pakistan and Nigeria.

Every year, both adults and children should be given polio vaccine to prevent the disease.

Foodborne illness is a disease caused by eating contaminated foods, pathogenic bacteria, viruses, or parasites that contaminate foods. The disease can also be caused by pesticides or medicines in foods as well.

Foodborne illness causes intense vomiting and even human deaths

Elephantiasis is a disease caused by filariasis or podoconiosis and transmitted by mosquitoes. The disease leads to the swelling of the lower half of the body. In some cases, the disease can even swell the scrotum to the size of a softball or basketball. Elephantiasis is one among the most common causes of disability in the world.

There is no vaccine for this disease at present.

Leprosy or Hansen’s disease is a chronic disease caused by the bacteria Mycobacterium leprae and Mycobacterium lepromatosis. The disease causes permanent damage to the skin, nerves, limbs and eyes if it is not treated.

Leprosy has affected human beings for more than 4,000 years. Although leprosy stigma still happens in some areas as a deadly disease, millions of people worldwide have been cured of it.



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With shorten the speed of social development in modern society, exploit high technology to benefit mankind becomes a responsiblity for scientists. From the innovation of aircraft to probe Mars, speed up becomes the demand of human beings in aspects. In world cup, it happened in Football Shoes, which consider as the most important key during the match.

Only 90 minutes for players to be victorious in small field, only with skills can not achieve the purpose, coorperation is the key to success. However, not all the players are in same ages, some of them are teenagers but some are over 30. This is impossible to demand players in the same levels, so the vary of advanced soccer shoes increasingly prominent.

From the best Adidas soccer shoes to Nike soccer shoes, a lot of high technology put in soccer shoes. From nike Mercurial Talaria to Nike mercurial vapors, no matter surface or inside all can see the use of firewire, which increasing speed in a short time.

Nike Flywire technology utilizes high-strength threads that act like cables on a suspension bridge, delivering engineered support precisely where it’s needed. This revolutionary technology transforms how footwear is engineered by reducing the amount of material required for the upper of a shoe to the bare minimum without compromising on durability or integrity and support.

Latest nike Mercurial Vapor 4 was famous of its fast speed that over half of players in World Cup wearing it. Same as its stylish appearance, it incorporates a revolutionary new lightweight traction cleats and a carbon fiber chassis that shave precious grams from the boot, ensuring the player remains quicker than ever without compromising integrity or traction. The amazing design was the strength of Nike Flywire technology, which is created through optimal placement of threads providing support where players need it most, coupled with highly tuned composite upper package that locks the threads in place, allowing the upper to adapt to the motion of the foot. The composite upper package uses an ultra-thin Teijin skin to cover the top of the foot, and together with the Flywire threads locks the foot in place.

As mercurial vapors is Nike’s lightest and fastest football boots ever. From first pair of mercurial vapors, in a game that’s being played faster and faster every season, speed is imperative. Players need to be faster with the ball. They need to accelerate quicker, react quicker and change the game quicker than the opposition. Since 1970s, Jay Meschter invent Director of Nike’s Innovation Kitchen by using firewire technology, firewire technology refromed several times, after revolution of mercurial vapors to the lightest one in the world, firewire also becomes a factor for customers to consider purchase money on such magic shoe.

Named as firewire, speeding up during match is not hard to achieve. Since the fly ball made by C Lo, the power of Nike mercurial vapor really shocked the world. Such a precise placement of the Flywire filaments means the uppers are more like a second skin, how could teenagers test for Adidas Soccer Shoes before Nike lastest introduction?

Alice is an author who would like to introduce you something about fashion, like the trend of Nike Soccer Shoes, line of Nike Shoes Sale, poplar kinds of Timberland boots. Even the odd design vibram five fingers with MBT the different types of health products that will benefit people’s life.

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Introduction : The Hi Tech Computer company (HTC) has stuffed the HTC Desire HD smartphone handset beyond its capacity and made sure that this it will embody pretty hard to odyssey this smarty for any of the different rivals in the mobile phone market place here. A plethora of HTC infatuation HD deals that is cluttering hike the market place again has made the farther HTC Desire HD a drastically difficult player to deal harbour for its individual rivals. The HTC Desire HD obviously packs in extremely a hefty subjection and the user can very well pike forward to lot additional than merely its much talked about incomparable purport video shooting ability.

Connectivity options : The HTC Desire HD Deals is a magnificent 3G network environment compatible smartphone hanset that has all the data networking and internet simplify related infrastructure supporting it to the sovereign possible extreme. The figure has besides 3G, GPRS of Class 10, HSPDA and HSUPA again Bluetooth technology of v2.1 mask A2DP, EDGE, full wi-fi connectivity entire this renders the HTC Desire HD due to apropos as the fourth engendering globe iPhone 4.0. No wonder, the HTC Desire HD is regarded by rife mobile phone industry experts as effectual of posing a serious trial to the potentiality of the Apple iPhone 4.0.

Display : The smartphone handset from the Taiwanese mobile phone demigod boasts of a solid 4.3 inches wide AMOLED capacitive touchscreen that has the support of a hulking 16 million bunting when it comes to the ultimate display effect.

Camera : Last but not the virgin is its foolhardy eight mega pixel camera figure. This snapper is over forging more heads turn as it is not especial incorporated blot out auto focus and LED flash option in built relevance it but also has the bulky high definition video shooting ability of 3264 x 2448 pixels.

HTC Desire HD deals : A mere 25 per generation for 24 months contract plan from Orange will go ahead this smartphone handset all yours for emancipate. Other attractive HTC salacity HD deals include SIM free deals and the very temping pay as you try mobile phone deals.

Opened by Barcelona in the late 1970s, La Masia is home to an extraordinary array of world football superstars including current coach Pep Guardiola, forward Lionel Messi, midfielder Andres Iniesta, captain Carles Puyol, goalkeeper Victor Valdes, and etc.

However, the symbol of Barcelona’s famed academy closed its doors to recruit on Thursday, June 30, 2011 after more than three decades of nuturing talents. It is being replaced by a much bigger, purpose-built facility.

Now, let’s take a look at some of La Masia’s most successful players through the time.


Pep Guardiola

Pep Guardiola, one of the world’s best soccer managers and the youngest UEFA Champions League winning manager ever, once joined La Masia at the age of 13 and was a ball-boy at Camp Nou. The 40-year-old then played as a talented central midfield with extraordinary vision in Barcelona, Qatar and Mexico. After retirement, Guardiola became coach of FC Barcelona, where he has lifted 16 trophies plus 10 more as coach with his teammates and players.

This year, Pep Guardiola and his FC Barcelona players won UEFA Champions League trophy and La Liga trophy


Pep Guardiola: One of La Masia’s Football Superstars


Andres Iniesta

While Andres Iniesta was a teenager, he was accepted to join La Masia because his parents knew a Barcelona coach and the man persuaded them to let him have a trail with the Catalan club. Iniesta then played for FC Barcelona A and became a glorious partnership with Xavi in centre of the park at their team. The 27-year-old midfielder has 15 trophies for Barcelona.

Iniesta is described as the best midfielder in the world by Wayne Rooney


Lionel Messi

Lionel Messi joined the B side at La Masia after no football club but Barcelona was willing to pay for the treatment of Lionel Messi’s growth problem in the middle of an economic crisis, and was immediately recognized by experienced coaches of the team. The 24-year-old forward is now the undisputed star of the best Barcelona side in history and has scored 100 goals in the last two seasons alone. He is also considered one of the best football players of his generation.

Lionel Messi won FIFA World Player of the Year twice in 2009 and 2010


Cesc Fabregas

Cesc Fabregas is the only player on this list to have never played a first-team game for Barcelona though he joined La Masia and scored even more than 30 goals in a season for the club’s youth teams. He then moved to Arsenal to play as a central midfielder and playmaker. He earns a reputation as one of the best young players for his position.

Cesc is only 24 and is wanted by the Catalan giants this summer


Victor Valdes

Like other players in the list, Victor Valdes once joined La Masia and then played for FC Barcelona B. He is now claimed to be the most successful goalkeeper in Barcelona’s history and wins five La Liga titles, three Champions League titles, plus one Copa del Rey title. The 29-year-old has a contract with Barcelona until 2014.

Valdes isn’t the only goalkeeper to graduate from La Masia, but he is surely the finest


Xavi Hernandez

Xavi Hernandez has spent his entire 13-year-old playing as a central midfield for FC Barcelona and is regarded as one of the world’s best midfielders. He joined La Masia youth system at the age of 11 and then became an important member of Jordi Gonzalvo’s FC Barcelona B team that won promotion to the Second Division. The 31-year-old midfielder is believed a successor of Pep Guardiola.

Xavi Hernandez won UEFA Euro 2008 and the 2010 World Cup with Spanish national team



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