Today, I will introduce some information of the LED flashlights body and light cup for you.

First, let’s see theLed Flashlight body. As we know, most of the high-grade flashlight has the aluminum alloy shell and the difference is the surface treatment.If the flashlight has no special purpose is generally common oxidation treatment with black or grey mainly. Some flashlights are required to have wear surface and not fade,so they must adopt three stage oxidation treatment. After that ,the body won’t appear traces even you use the knife .Of course ,it has a high price.
Then ,it’s the turn of the light cup .The cup can control the light. The bigger of the cup ,the further of the focus and it can show clear and smaller spot in the distance with the sufficient current .The cup depth and reflex arc and so on also effect the spot focus .
The good flashlight has a very small spot.In this way, it can still has obvious spot in far distance.The spot is mainly decided by the size of light cup.So we must understand the relationship between light cup and spot in order to choose the flashlight body which we need.That’s to say,if we want to easy to carry ,search the small objects in the cabinet or just general lighting ,we can choose the small straight tube which has the advantage of compact and disadvantage of spotlight long-range.The small head flashlight’s cup is bigger than straight tube and smaller than big headlight.It care about both the focusing ability and floodlight ability .It is also easy to carry ,and we can carry it on our waists.The big head flashlight’s advantage is spotlight.It cost most expensive because of the made of light cup.It is too big too carry ,so we generally take then out only when we need.

Now,we often talk about what is HA3 II which is not to express the hardness of the bobbin.We often make mistake about that the cup will be very hard and anti fall if it has the HA3 coating.The coating is very abrasion resistance but not anti fall.For example ,the same material flashlight body which will be more easy to paint without HA3 coating instead of make the aluminium alloy hard.If the aluminium alloy was fallen down ,the aluminium structure will be loose but the coating will still on the body . Of course ,if the aluminium structure was broken too serious ,you are sure to see the aluminium color from the fracture coating.Such as you plating something with the dough, the coating will not broken if you use tool to scraper the dough .But if you throw the dough on the ground and make the dough scattered ,the LED flashlights coating is useless.

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