HC shoes Network May 24 hearing, in World Cup History for a long time, the jerseys do not need to design it the same as ordinary street T shirt, a solid color of the fabric through a simple cut, re-printed Arabic numerals, put the players, it becomes jersey. Similarly, a pair of Sneakers Anyone with six spikes, can be used. However, as market competition intensifies, more and more attention to the equipment, more sophisticated, more and more complex, players become visible under the coverage of goods trademark.

Accessory equipment not “Let the players shine honor, do not let the team uniforms to cover living light.” Champions Brazil in the 1970 World Cup captain Alberto eyes, shirt, shoes but the equipment on the pitch accessories.

He appears to be some old-fashioned idea, a clever well-made shirt design will only allow players were even more brilliant. Such as self-designed butterfly hanai Campos, Francesco Totti’s tight-fitting clothes, Ronaldo R9 gold boots, are called temple in the World Cup classic. Of course, there are simple and crude, and when “10” number on the back label of Argentina, this dress has become the focus of the entire team and the world. Similarly, to whom many women pink crazy is that England shirt on the “7.”

Had fans on the forum goes to non-professional version of the “World Cup top ten jersey,” including Germany, in 1990, three colors red, yellow chest, black stripes, light-colored chest of Brazil in 1994 lines, In 1998 the Croatian Red Bai Gezi group, the Lions of Cameroon in 2002 Zhaohen … … from the aesthetic point of view, whether beautiful or ugly, these shirts have become symbols of memory at each World Cup, you may not remember 8 years ago Cameroon it reached the knockout, but that parts of their rugged sturdy green coat, definitely has some impressions. When we play high school league, three teams have unanimously chosen the Croatian team uniforms.

Triggered Running Equipment World Cup long been not only a contest between teams, Adidas and NIKE The feud, not much more than Anglo-Afghan war moderate.

1954, the Adidas sponsored the first group of the German national team Football shoes , While the year, the German won the championship. In the last 7 World Cup, Adidas sponsored team 6 Sharu the final, but only 2 wins 4 losses record, winning percentage is not more than half. Nike since 1993 invasion of football. In 1994, no country’s players are wearing Nike uniforms in the World Cup on. In 1998, Nike has been the seven teams.

The World Cup, with nine teams Clothing Equipment provided by Nike, including Brazil, the Netherlands, Portugal, due to acquisition of Umbro by Nike, so England has become the newest member of the Nike family. Adidas’s in, then Argentina, Germany, France, Spain and host South Africa instead. Traditionally strong teams, only Italy Is a stubborn minority who belong to local brands Puma . In the last game, is that they won a victory in the final beat Puma Adidas France.

“We are proud of Africa.” This is the slogan of Puma. The last World Cup, five African teams Angola, Ivory Coast, in Ghana, Togo and Tunisia, all wearing a Puma shirt.

Not law-abiding businesses and watch the competition package under the whole team, they will find ways from one star to start, for local infiltration. During the 1974 World Cup, refused to wear the Dutch star Cruyff to provide Adidas jersey, because he is my sponsor Puma. The result is that both sides compromise, Cruyff played wearing Adidas, but three bars into two bars, a cottage edition appeared surprised. Today, this situation will not recur, and wearing a team jersey to wear Nike Adi shoes, similar to the situation is not uncommon, David Beckham, Ruud van Nistelrooy, Thierry Henry are the typical representatives.

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Footsteps of the World Cup in South Africa is approaching, and even the legendary striker Alan retired for many years – Shearer has also been invited to participate in the England squad the big discussion. Premier League history as the top scorer Alan Shearer for the evaluation of active strikers who undoubtedly has a very high value. In an interview with BBC interview recently, Shearer to point out to South Africa in my mind the most because of the four strikers.

“I absolutely will bring Wayne Rooney, then a Peter Crouch, Emile Heskey and Jermain Defoe, while Carlton – Cole not have the location, because of his characteristics and Peter Crouch, Emile Heskey was too similar to the a. “hearts in Shearer,” two high “with” two fast “campaign is still competition with conventional weapons. The four players were in the Premiership this season, into the 50 bombers ball, seemed to have the best equipment.

However, Shearer has ignored the choice of the local community than outside the top scorer Wayne Rooney Darren – Bent, who became Sunderland’s number one pillar of the season, played 29 games scored 18 goals in the results were very eye-catching. The other one is forced to be ignored the first card Ebanglahuo Villa, who this season scored 11 goals, Villa is close to the total team score of 1 / 3.

It is worth mentioning that, in addition to striker Shearer Capello advice for the candidates, but also focuses strongly recommend a winger and a center can switch between the talented players – Theo Walcott. The summer of 2006, 17 years and 3 months of the accident was a small tiger Eriksson has brought in Germany, but in the end did not get a minute of playing because of the opportunity for the Three Lions made a scapegoat out of the military. 4 years, the injuries continue to Walcott played for England a total of only 9 games in September 2008 but the guest challenges Croatia Zagreb hat-trick, but he has become a never-ending capital consumption .

So far this season, injury-ridden Walcott Arsenal in the league only played 616 minutes, scoring 2 goals 1 assists and the results can only be regarded as barely passing. In early March of this year’s warm-up match between England and Egypt, starting lineup Walcott mediocre in the first 56 minutes replaced by Shaun Wright-Phillips. After the match England legend Waddle openly questioned his football IQ.

Shearer, however, as Big Brother has given high rating Walcott: “I would choose to bring Walcott, I’m his fan. I know him because the last pass and football IQ was heavily criticized But I firmly believe that his future is very bright. In David Beckham missed the World Cup because of injury, undetermined injury Lennon when Walcott Capello should bring South Africa, he was able to replace David Beckham right wing position. ”

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Dutch legend in the “Three Musketeers” one of the Gullit appears that the South African World Cup will belong to Messi, it will not belong to C Lo or Wayne Rooney, although they had last season in three of the world’s hottest football stars , but the club too much energy they consume, it is difficult in the World Cup again outstanding performance … … and played for Arsenal’s Dutch striker Robin van Persie, World Cup in South Africa is surprising as the protagonist.

Robin van Persie is optimistic about Gullit

Robin van Persie at Arsenal last season suffered serious injuries early, rest for about 5 months time, until the end of the season back injury, which is the number one striker for the Netherlands, physically, mentally not as long league affected, has just released his cage like a wild beast, for the World Cup in South Africa have been impatient.

Gullit also the case of Van Persie and Van Euro 1988 – Van Basten comparison, etc., that Van Basten van Persie will repeat the success track. Before the European Cup in 1988, Van Basten is also just returned from a serious injury to recover, and in that session of the contest, he scored five goals to become top scorer and helped the Netherlands won the European championship.

Van Persie’s situation is now similar to Van Basten, Gullit, like that Robin van Persie could be successful as Van Basten, the Netherlands will therefore boarded the top of the world, “I think Van Persie will be our superstar, because I and Van Basten saw him as a successful model. In 1988, Van Basten was injured, but his return from injury soon after the state found, and we finally succeeded, Van Basten is our success reason, he performed very well at the time. “

“Van Persie’s injury for the Dutch team is the positive side, he is now recovered from injury over, full of hunger and thirst for the game and fighting spirit. Now he does not want to rest, just want to play, you want to scored, and see next Wayne Rooney, and now he has injured, He has already had a long season, participated in too many games. “Gullit said,” I have been worried about the performance of players in their club good, will affect their performance in the national team in a tough season, I have not seen good performance in both sides of the case, although a bit before the World Cup break, but they only make the state did not break. “

Gullit continued, “I think Rooney can be very difficult to behave in the national team as well as in Manchester United, while Lionel Messi, C Ronaldo and Kaka is the same situation. Robin van Persie was injured in the season for his personal and Assen satisfied that it was a disaster, but for the Dutch national team is a blessing. I recently talked with him, he appears to state very well motivated 6,7 goals in the World Cup is very difficult, but achievable. “

Gullit of the Netherlands team in this World Cup is very optimistic about the prospects, he believes the Netherlands sexy football success in South Africa, “The Netherlands has always been in play pretty football, and through this to win, this will not change. We will attack in the game has been played delightful football, to change this style is very easy, but very difficult to build up, so we will not be changed. “

The prospects for the Netherlands in the World Cup, Gullit said, “We have many excellent players, such as outstanding performance in Bayern Robben, but also great in the international Sneijder, Robin van Persie in the performance of the season before the injury is also very good, I really think that in this World Cup we will have to gain something, I hope all goes well, the Netherlands. “

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When the much vaunted Men in Blue made it to the finals, a game to be played on the batting maestro’s home ground, the country roared as one in euphoria. No one would want to work on a day like this, a day always dreamt of, but just out of reach, a day that had come after 28 years.

The people of Mumbai were obviously not ready miss the chance of seeing their beloved Sachin Tendulkar score his 100th century on his home ground, in a World Cup final. The supposition that cricket aficionados [a term that encompasses 90% of the people of the city] would go to their jobs in Mumbai shows a lack of imagination.

The companies knew that most of their employees would not like to come to work and the government knew that even if people went to work, they’d definitely take a half-day and return home before game would begin.

As a result, most of the companies had decided many days before the match to let their employees reach work at seven in the morning, and let them leave some time before the match would being. But this created a headache for the government.

Most of the people with jobs in Mumbai commute using the local trains or the roads. If all these people left work at the same time to reach home, the roads would experience their usual evening traffic jam in the afternoon!

Also, the venue for the match, Wankhede stadium, is in South Mumbai. As a large number of people working in South Mumbai commute to work, they would rush out just before the match and try to get out of south Mumbai: just at a time when thousands of people would be entering South Mumbai to see the match. This was seen as a sure-shot recipe for a huge traffic jam. For the same reason, the trains and buses would also be put under a lot of strain.

In addition to this, thousands of police officers were required for the security of players and celebrities at the venue of the match. The government did not want the police to face a huge traffic jam on the top of their security worries, and decided to declare a public holiday for the on which the match was going to be played. No one had to worry about their jobs in Mumbai while the match was going on, and the bosses were spared a number of inventive leave applications.

Government’s decision to announce the day as a public holiday has meant a loss of many working hours and although many bosses don’t like it, it is best to give a holiday on major sporting days because no work get done anyway on such days. Many companies in Mumbai scented an opportunity for team building and invited the employees to watch the match together in the company.

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