15 Responses to Pitbull ft. Jennifer Lopez – “We Are One” (Ole Ola) [2014 World Cup Song] PARODY

  • Bart Baker says:

    HEY GUYS! Please like, fav, and share this video! And don’t forget to tweet
    it with the hashtag #BartBakersPitbullParody for your chance to win a
    signed jersey from the video! Happy Saturday! : )

  • visa422978 says:

    Writing lyrics is tough so I list cities,lmao xD SO FUCKIN TRUE 

  • Fabricio Araujo says:

    Podia ter falado coisa pior da Claudia Leittttttte, tipo, que ela é
    homofóbica, desesperada por atenção apesar de ser muito sem graça e que a
    vida inteira não passou de uma cover da Ivete Sangalo, que apesar de menos
    ridícula também não sabe se comportar em público

  • Contente #Contente says:

    *The question that remains: why do americans have a sport called “football”
    if they don’t even use the fucking feet?*

  • Estante do PH S. says:

    why is Claudia singing in spanish with we speak portuguese in Brazil?

  • Theonealwayscella says:

    Why are you Brazilians pissed at this PARODY?Be more pissed your country is
    a sex fest dump with no morals where everyone has their ass out on the
    beach even in front of children! And all this talk about Portuguese being
    the language in Brazil? Dumbasses! Pit Bull , J Lo and Shakira was chosen
    for the World Cup song and they speak Spanish! Spanish is also heavily
    spoken in Brazil too!

  • Analu Almeida says:

    CLAUDIA LEITE? The only singer in Brazil? Are you sure? How about Renato
    Russo? Caetano Veloso? Seu Jorge? Elis Regina? Ivete Sangalo? I think it’s
    very offensive to be represented by Claudia Leite…

  • Miguel Teixeira says:

    Funny how he thinks people from Brazil speak Spanish…

  • Amythest Armadillo says:

    That wasn’t Ronaldo. Ronaldo plays for Portugal not Spain. 

  • lia urano says:

    Hey people!!! Brazilians don’t speak spanish…but portuguese, why is
    Claudia leite speaking spanish?? Wtf?!

  • Edyta Joanna H. says:

    To make you smile. “We are one” better than the original. l love the
    parodies of Bart Baker (“Dark Horse”, “Wrecking Ball”, “Wiggle”, “Call me
    maybe” with Obama, “Stupid Hoe”, “Super bass” are great). I also like Key
    of Awesome (“Give me everything”, “Timber”, “Moves like Jagger” “Sexy and I
    know it” are very funny). You’re doing a great job. I recommend it.

    Polecam na poprawę humoru. Uwielbiam wszystkie parodie znanych hitów w
    wykonaniu pana Barta Bakera oraz grupy Key of Awesome. Są lepsze niż

  • Iago Souza says:

    I’ve a question for you Americans: what are the capital of Brazil 

  • muffineevee says:

    I always thought Pitbull was Voldemort with a nose.

  • Mitra Boodram says:

    so funny

  • Nico Spaka says:

    What the hell’s the world cup?! xDDDDDDD

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