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15 Responses to Tim Howard ● 16 Saves in One Match ● New World Cup Record ||HD||

  • Vance Valle says:

    Americans will stop calling the game “soccer” when England make it out of
    the group stages ;)

  • someone says:

    For once the united states are the underdogs. They are still a very young
    country and with lots of potential. Best of luck from Canada!

  • Keyboardwarior1234 says:

    Most people look at 16 saves like a good thing, but it really means your
    defense is shit, and let anything and everything get passed them.

  • Aidan Gratton says:

    Why does everyone hate America? Dempsey and Howard were amazing!

  • rhr98 says:

    Honestly, this was the most fun I’ve ever had watching a football game. It
    got my Dad who dislikes football to start jumping up and down.

  • roblox9967 says:

    And people said that Tim Howard made “easy saves”

  • Holland Wala Pendu Jatt says:

    If England doesn’t perform like English players do in the league, I think
    USA might win the worldcup before England does it for the second time.

  • gk3225 says:

    my god. Im an American and a big U.S soccer fan, but you guys need to watch
    more football if you think Howard is a top 10 or even a top 15 goalkeeper
    in the world. He has a had a great career for Everton and the USMNT, but
    cmon now. 

  • Steve Estes says:

    People saying this was easy, or wasn’t an incredible effort by Howard, must
    have never played keeper. Howard covered up for incredible, embarrassing
    failings by his entire defense, all day long, and this video is proof.

    Save #1, Origi sets his feet, Howard sees him looking to his left and
    shifts his weight just enough to get a leg on it – all their momentum was
    going right, but Howard read it. #6 was a great read of a floater and
    great timing for his jump. #8, Origi had a wide open path to the entire
    net after the defense over-committed to the other side, he shoots
    short-side, and Howard reads him again at point-blank range. #9 was the
    best of the bunch, 1v1 with the entire 18m box to work with, Howard cuts
    down the angle with great footwork, reads the ball even before it’s
    kicked. #12 is also point-blank at the 6m, not a lot of pace but
    incredible angle, Howard gets a full lay-out to save it. #14 likewise,
    farther out but huge pace. But #16 is my favorite – the sweeper tries to
    cut down the angle by positioning to Lukaku’s left, but does so poorly, and
    Lukaku ducks behind him, putting the defender off-balance and leaving him
    1v1 at about 10m. Howard responds instantly, shuffling several steps to
    cut down the angle and force the harder shot – just incredible footwork by
    him to make up for a huge defensive blunder.

    So out of the 16, I count 7 that were good-to-great, including 2 or 3
    legitimate eye-poppers. The guy was on fire. The haters should show us a
    better single-game GK performance, or just show the man some respect.

    Many thanks to HeilRJ for compiling the footage.

  • kumar01234 says:

    ah the English. the country that invents a sports and spreads the sport
    throughout the world and suck at it. their so called golden generation
    couldnt even make it past the Quarters. and this sport has literally
    LITERALLY been in England and has been their #1 sport since they CREATED
    IT. and what to show. ONE WORLD CUP back in 66. since then Brazil, Germany,
    Italy, Argentina have all been to multiple finals and won multiple
    trophies. and they got the balls the balls to come on here and trash talk
    US Soccer after they only secured a point and got kicked out world cup
    finishing dead last in their own group. a group where they were favorites
    to progress. unlike the US who were favorites to finish last in the Group
    of Death but were able to move on pass the group stage. 

  • AverageGaming says:

    England 1 World Cup
    America 0 World Cups

    I’ll call it soccer once you win.

  • Ray Mamat says:

    Tim howard yelling at his defender “this is why when u play too much fifa!
    And let your ai defend for you!!”

  • Ryan says:

    The only good American “soccer” player 

  • D Brice says:

    Most people here are idiots. Most of these shots were shot strait to him
    because Tim Howard knows how to position himself and makes it hard for
    strikers. Thats what a goalkeeper is all about, not making amazing saves,
    but not conceding goals.

  • Matthew Pote says:

    The US gets hated through the internet and Youtube, 2 things we created.
    Pretty proud of my nation this world cup. Smashed a couple records, a 32
    second goal, escaping the group of death, Timmy’s 16 saves. Pretty
    impressive. The USMNT should well be a threat to look at in Russia. Yedlin
    and Green will be carrying the nation.

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